Monday, October 09, 2006

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Friday, October 06, 2006

20y/o London Muscle Boy - Rent Boy's Spanked Ass

20y/o Tommy worked as a rent boy in London, England, he was muscular and toned. He kept fit by swimming, weight lifting & jogging so that his body was in top condition for his clients to admire. Being handsome and muscle toned bought him lots of business, he could charge £250+ per hour, demand was very high! The services he offered were massage treatments, dinner dates/company. Tommy would also have sex with the people he met, i.e. oral sex, he would fuck anally, fondling, kinky stuff, role-play and was open to suggestions. One guy got Tommy to strip nude and wear tight light-blue speedo swim briefs, and bent Tommy over his knee, pulling the speedos down, spanking his ass until it was pink-red in colour. (story continues here)
20y/o London Muscle Boy - Rent Boy's Spanked Ass

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Riding My Gay Boyfriend's Ass - Doggy Style!

Shirtless muscle boy 19y/o Rick grabbed his boyfriend 21y/o Tom, by his shirt, near Tom's twinkie pecs. Pulling him down into a kneeling position, close to Rick's washboard abs and v-shaped navel area. Tom began kissing the stud's smooth skin just below his belly button; Rick gently touched his boyfriend's upper back, rubbing his neck and spiky hair. As the twink kissed the awesome pec bulging stud, he grabbed the top of his muscle boyfriend's jeans. Slightly tugging them downwards, catching a glimpse of his shaven pubic hair. Slowly unbuttoning the stallion's top jean button, unzipping the pants revealing tight 2xist orange-red briefs. (story continues here)
Riding My Gay Boyfriend's Ass - Doggy Style!

Monday, October 02, 2006

21y/o Biker Boy Meets Horny Bi Soccer Stud

21y/o Robert worked at a trendy young men's clothing store, he was handsome & muscle toned. Attending the gym three times per week, and taking evening jogs.
Stats: Chest 39.5", height 6ft 1", waist 31", 10.8 stone, blue eyes, black smartly styled hair, size 11.5 trainers.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Robert was awoken on a Sunday morning, by the sound of his alarm clock at 8 am. Stretching himself in bed, he yawned, feeling horny, the young man's cock was throbbing. He stretched his underwear elastic waistband upwards, peering inside, seeing his 8 inch rock-hard cock. He released the large cock shaft from the snug boxers, pulling them slightly down just below his bubble-butt. Gently stroking his boner, the lad's underwear waistband just below his nuts. Using salvia as a lubricant he covered the pink mushroom cockhead & meaty stiff pole. (story continues here)

21y/o Biker Boy Meets Horny Bi Soccer Stud

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Male Friends Seductively Sexy Tight Boxers

18y/o Tommy was watching his shirtless mate, 19y/o Jack wearing wet snug tight orange boxer briefs, with a white logo waistband. Tommy had just dared Jack to jump into the outdoor swimming pool.The well-tailored garment, burrowing into the young mans posterior cleavage.
Tommy's Stats: 39" chest, 31 inch waist, size 11 feet, toned v-shaped body.Jack's Stats: 39.5" chest, 31 inch waist, size 11 feet, toned v-shaped body.
Jack: "Strip off your clothes down to your boxer's dude." (story continues here)

My Male Friends Seductively Sexy Tight Boxers

Saturday, September 30, 2006

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20y/o Sammy wanted his cock sucking; his girlfriend was a lousy cock sucker. The chav was curious if a man could perform better at sucking his dick. Sammy's Stats: 39" chest, waist 31", height 6ft, size 11 trainers, crewcut haircut, tanned toned body, handsome face. Sammy was wearing a yellow sports t-shirt, black-white adidas track bottoms, black zip-up top and black & white well-worn trainers. In his left ear he wore a gold studded earring, round the boys neck was a chunky gold necklace. (story continues here)

Friday, September 29, 2006

I Got My Gay Boyfriend to Wear My Lycra Football Uniform

Let me introduce myself to you, I'm 19y/o and my name is Dean, I live near North Carolina, and play American football at my college. I have great upper body strength, since pumping iron, working out from my senior high school years. Had many increased muscle gains since attending college, it has the most awesome weight training & cardio gym equipment.

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